Tuesday, June 11, 2013

20 signs you are addicted to travel!

Here is a list of points I compiled. It is by no means definitive. You may be experiencing some or all of these symptoms or completely new and different ones - which I'd be interested in hearing about! These are all symptoms I have suffered/ am suffering from at times. If you think you are suffering from more than 5 of these ailments at any one time.. SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP! Go see your Travel Agent immediately!

1. Your suitcase is never fully unpacked. You are still fishing clothes out of it to wear weeks later.. What's the point of unpacking when that next holiday is just around the corner?

2. You can say 'please', 'thank you', 'where's the bar?', and most importantly 'how much?' in 6 different languages! Even worse... when your children walk into a restaurant and say 'Bula!'... then 'Salamat' when the waiter hands them their meal. (true story)

3. Instead of being happy when you walk in the door once home, you feel deflated, and a little depressed.

4. You put your suitcase down, make a coffee and think... I'll just check out the latest flight deals while I settle in... just in case. (you know you've done it!)

5. The main reason you go to work each day is to save up for your next trip. 

6. You keep track of what the Aussie dollar is currently worth in 10 different countries and have a stash in your drawer that you haven't cashed in. Hey, it's always handy for a taxi from the airport next time!

7. Every time you dine out or order a drink from a bar, you work out in your head how much in Rupiah or Peso you'd be paying... then convert that back to AUD... then feel like your paying waaaay too much!

8. You are older than 13, and think wearing your hair completely braided with little colourful beads at the ends, is a valid and attractive fashion choice.

9. Similarly, you believe a good choice for 'after five' attire is your fetching sequinned kaftan.. or your best sarong teamed with your fancy thongs with the beading on the straps!

10. You have those little complimentary toiletry bottles in your shower... and little hand soaps on your basin.

11. You now have thigh muscles of steel and can navigate a squat toilet drunk in a pair of stillettos without blinking an eye after years of practice.

12. You wake up in the morning and automatically  think 'I hope the omelette line isn't too long at the Buffet this morning'... 

13. You start trying to wrap your pillow around the back of your neck like a travel pillow...

14. On your first trip you were 7 kgs over your luggage allowance on the way out.. now you pack in 5 minutes and take a small backpack with your passport, 2 sarongs (or boardies for blokes), a pair of swimmers, a toothbrush, a camera and your kindle. If the shopping's good you'll buy a suitcase and fill it up with bargains over there!

15. You wear destination/experience 'brag' t-shirts or other items of clothing like those Vietnam red ones with the gold star.  43m Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jumper is my current favourite. (What the world really needs is just 1 more Bintang singlet PLEASE!.. no really).

16. You try to stick your ATM card in the key hole of your door...

17. Your bucket list reads like a lonely planet catalogue...

18. You read a Lonely Planet guide and think.. ''ppffff That restaurant was rubbish! The one around the corner was so much better!"

19. You've stopped wondering why they make snow globes with little confetti snow, and a beach scene complete with sand, blue water, shells and little miniature palm trees. When IS the last time it snowed at a tropical beach you've been too?

20. You google how to turn your wash cloths and bath towels into little hanging monkeys or swans or elephants... Then you put your sunglasses on them, and think it's hilarious every time!!

Hilarious right????? Never gets old ;-)

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